About Us

Indryaa, a Hindi word literally meaning Senses. Patanjali, a great Indian sage has talked about the practice of Pratyahara i.e. controlling and turning your senses inwards. This helps to achieve one pointedness leading to meditation.
We believe that Spirituality is an integral part of everyone and it needs to be realized more so in today's fast paced times where we are losing the connection with our own selves. For us at Indryaa, Spirituality is not about completely cutting off from the physical world but assimilating these two in such a way that it helps us heal & grow on our journey.
Our Products & Services will help enrich your soul, transforming your life into something that not just looks good on the outside but also makes you feel good inside.
So come & begin your Spiritual Journey with Indryaa.

Our Vision

We are building a marketplace to bring together all products and services related to Alternative methods of Healing & well-being (Spirituality, Mindfulness & Wellness) & inturn helping us move forward on our journey.

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