INDRYAA Lemongrass Premium Organic Incense Sticks(75), Hand Rolled Chakra(Manipura/Solar Plexus) Based Sticks with Holder


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Brand: Indryaa
100% Genuine Product
Non Returnable Product
Sold By : Indryaa

What is it

  • Premium range, Luxurious Hand Rolled Chakra based Incense Sticks
  • The fragrances have been specially curated to balance each Chakra which would heal the issues related to that specific Chakra

What’s the Aroma like

  • Citrus, Fresh & Light with a hint of Lemon

What’s included in this box

  • 75 Sticks
  • Incense Stick Holder
  • Bookmark with an Intuitive Message for you by a Healer

How it Helps

  • Lemongrass fragrance vibrates on the frequency of your Manipura (Solar Chakra), the 3rd Major Chakra in your body
  • Lighting our Lemongrass Incense Sticks helps heal issues such as Self Confidence, Weight Issues, Digestion, Bloating, Acidity, Diabetes among others
  • They are made of organic products and fragrances, bringing us closer to the nature, raising our vibrations and helping us be more in sync with the Universe.
  • Our boxes are packed by our in house Healer who sets an intention for every box and thus they can be used when you’re not feeling yourself, feeling anxious or low on energies.


When to Use

  • The incense stick can be used any time of the day while meditating, praying, practising Yoga, bathing, studying or when you are just relaxing and want to fill your place with refreshing aroma.

What makes us different than the Others

  • 100% Charcoal Free
  • ZERO Black Smoke
  • Pure Essential Oils
  • No Dipping
  • No DEP
  • To strive towards Conscious Living, these sticks are 100% Organic, Ethical & Environmentally Safe 

How we give back to the Society

  • Our sticks are hand rolled with love by women who feel empowered every time you provide them employment through this box.
  • With a lot of Gratitude, Rs.5 from each box is given to a Blind School to help them function better using their other Indryaa (senses)



Disclaimer: This Product is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice.

Sacred Blend of Recycled Flowers, Natural Resins, Natural Essential Oils, Bamboo Stick


  • Insert bamboo end of the stick into the incense holder
  • Light up the tip of stick with a lighter or match stick & immerse your Indryaa(senses) in the aroma
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