Pushpshala Tuberose Essential Oil | Therapeutic | 15ml


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The Tuberose essential oil from Pushpshala is a unique extract of fresh Tuberose Blooms. Popularly known as the ‘night queen’ or ‘mistress of the night’, the aroma of Tuberose is a key element in the Aroma world. The oil that is used is high-class perfumery and massages.

The oil extracted from flowers is an epitome of an extremely rich, and highly intense sweet floral aroma. Tuberose essential oil carries delightful properties of building intuition strength, promoting creativity, increase sensuality, raise peace of mind, and positive relevancy.

Use Pushpshala Tuberose Essential Oil in diffusers and oil burners to feel a long-lasting 100% natural fragrance effect. Aroma that is as irresistible to make your body Chakras balance and heal stress. Our special oils are sensuous, subtle, and soothing


  • Take Pushpshala oil burner/ diffuser and place at a comfortable location
  • Add an appropriate amount of water in the upper canal of the device
  • Open the cap of the bottle and suck in oil via euro pipette dropper
  • Add few drops on the water surface, or gently mix the oil with a wooden stick
  • Light the tea light candle with a matchstick and place it inside the burner
  • In case of a diffuser, switch on the power and set the fumes volume
  • Allow the oil settle and wait for the water to create vapors/ fumes
  • Enjoy the heavenly aromatherapy of Pushpshala floral extracts


  • Take a small portion of carrier/ base oil of your choice in a bowl
  • Pushpshala recommends pure coconut oil for best results
  • Open the cap of the bottle and suck in oil via euro pipette dropper
  • Add few drops of oil and mix it in base oil with a wooden spoon
  • Do not add more than 2-3 drops in 10 ml base/ carrier oil
  • Let the oil settle and diffuse into the base oil for few minutes
  • Apply the oil on the skin gently and massage in a circular motion with fingertips
  • You are already feeling refreshed, relaxed and out of all worries
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